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I am an artist and designer based in Bloomington, Indiana.

With a background in graphic design and eight years of experience as a Web designer and programmer, I offer a unique combination of technical, creative and project management skills.

I worked at Indiana University for six years, first at the Learn More Resource Center in the School of Education and then at the Office of Creative Services. At Learn More, I managed a complex, data-driven Web site in partnership with the School of Education. We updated content in a UNIX shell, using XML and CVS as a unique content management system. Collaborating with programmers taught me much about dynamic content and data management. At Creative Services, I created graphics, updated Web content, and managed the photo assets for a major redesign of the Kelley School of Business Web environment. Recently, I have focused my attention on learning the new tools for creating dynamic content on the Web. Blogging and jQuery provide many options to keep Web content current. This is a field requiring continual attention to evolving technology, and I relish the challenge of learning and applying new skills.

I am accepting new clients, and would love to talk to you about your needs.

Contact me here:

(812)339-2628, or (812)327-7821
mpm_miller [at] yahoo [dot] com